europe praises optometrists work and integration in the uk

UK Optometrists Praised For Role In Eye Care

It is not often that the EU or Europe has anything good to say about the UK, and in particular England.

The Effects Of Space Travel On The Human Eyes

It might not be anything that affects the day to day lives of the general public and as such is something that the average person will never have to worry about in his or her lifetime, but a recent study on the effects of space travel has shown some interesting finds, especially in regards to the human eye, as well as sight itself.
retinitis pigmentosa trials to begin in the uk and across europe

Retinitis Pigmentosa Retinal Implants Continuing

Having seen success in it's first stage of clinical testing in Germany, a new trial of retinal implanting has been approved and scheduled to begin in 2012 in both London and Oxford, with three further sites due to start across other European cities.
ipad app lauched to help children with lazy eye

iPad App Designed To Improve Lazy Eye In Children

Have you ever tried to get medicine into a young child to help them feel better? Not a pleasant experience for either. Have you ever tried to convince a child that glasses really are the best option to help their vision and that other kids won't tease them too much? Again, bit of a 'bang your head against a brick wall' kind of time.
contact lens users not following instructions properly

Contact Lens Users Not Wearing Lenses Correctly

According to a recent study published in Optometry and Vision Science, a large proportion of contact lens wearers and users are not following recommended instructions from the manufacturers regarding the wearing and use of their lenses.
association of optometrists concern over boots insurance moves

AOP Seeks Legal Advice Following Concern From Boots Franchisees

Recently, the optician Boots Opticians moved a number of their practice insurance policies from the Association of Optometrists to FODO, the Federation of Ophthalmic and Di
keeping children and their eyes safe at Christmas

American Academy of Ophthalmology Recommends Toy Safety Tips For Christmas

With less than three weeks until Christmas day, shoppers around the world are flooding shopping centres and keenly hunting deals and bargains for children, friends and loved ones via online stores.
general optical council fitness to practice guidelines

General Optical Council Releases New Fitness to Practice Document

The General Optical Council has recently launched new guidelines regarding the fitness to practice of GOC registrants. The updated rules and regulations regarding optometrists, opticians and other eye care specialists is available for complete download from, the GOC's website.
eye related eye superstitions and old wives tales

Mythbusters! Which Eye Related Old Wives Tales Are True?

Call it superstition or old wives tales if you wish, but as a society, even the most skeptical amongst us have a habit of using and reiterating sayings without necessarily having a factual basis. A personal favourite of mine is the idea that luck, itself unquantifiable, can hinge on whether or not you place new shoes on a table.
young boy suffers becomes cross eyed viewing 3d film

Watching 3D Movie Contributes To Young Boy Becoming Cross Eyed

We have all heard the story about your eyes going square from watching too much television. Your parents probably used to say it 4 or 5 times per week, and was little more than an idle threat from the age of 5 years old onwards.
new dry eye eye drops offer symptom relief

hydraMed Eye Drops More Effective In Treating Dry Eyes

Rohto Dry Eye Relief, an eye drop for the treatment and relief of dry eye, has been introduced to the eye care market, offering reputed abilities to be as much as doubly effective than other comparable products available.
mans sight is saved following a firework accident

Oklahoma Man's Vision Is Saved Following Fireworks Accident

An accident almost seven years ago threatened to permanently blind a rodeo clown following a firework malfunction during a show.