dorset pct approves mobile eye care bus

Primary Care Trust Approves Mobile Eye Bus Scheme

After many months of discussions, the primary care trust in charge of Dorset have announced with pride the launch of a local mobile eye care bus for the local community following a successful application from a local optometrist, Jane Fisher.
boots opticians move insurance companies

Boots Franchisees Warned By AOP Regarding FODO Insurance

Following the optician giant Boots Opticians decision to move their insurance policies with the AOP across to the Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians, the Association of Optometrists has taken the step of contacting all of the franchisees of the eye care division of Boots, by letter, to advise them of the changes to their working environment
futuristic contact lenses to display information to the wearer

The Dawn Of Contact Lenses With Terminator Style Vision Approaches

It may sound like something from a science fiction novel or a summer blockbusting Hollywood movie involving the former Californian governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but futuristic technology such as that from films like the Terminator may not be all that far away.
numbers of drivers with poor eye sight on the road differs to licences revoked

Figures Don't Add Up Over Driving Licences Revoked For Poor Eye Sight

In what seems like the latest in a long line of queries and questions regarding eye testing and its regularity for UK drivers, the Optical Confederation has r
wet amd treatment eylea approved in US

Eylea Treatment For Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration Approved

Having recently discussed the news that aspirin could have an adverse effect on the elderly in respect of 'wet' age-related macular degeneration or AMD, a new drug, Eylea, has been
aston villa stars visit their opticians for regular check ups

Aston Villa Keep Their Eyes Open To Regular Optician Visits

In an ever demanding sporting arena, it is of little surprise that sports stars and coaches the world over are looking for that extra something to squeeze that little bit more performance out.
Retinoblastoma Testing And Screening Recommendations

Retinoblastoma Testing And Screening Recommendations

A recent study in America is hoping to become a stepping stone to developing new techniques and methods of treating and working with the rare eye condition, retinoblastoma. The condition is a very rare eye disease that sees a tumour develop on the eye, something that can cause the sufferer to become blind, and in some instances can even lead to death.
smaller doses of atropine showing myopia improvements

Myopia Progression Noticeably Affected By Lower Drug Doses

With a certain amount of concern attached to the continued use of the drug atropine in treating myopia, researchers and scientists have been hunting down alternative avenues and options regarding the treatment of this eye condition.
boots opticians see profits fall

Boots Opticians See Fall In Revenue For H1 Of 2011

The optician giant, Boots Opticians, has seen recent slumps in their financial books in their half year trading sales. A decline of 1.4% in like for like revenue has been blamed on the current economic climate, with numerous European countries struggling to stay afloat amidst these recessional times.
world diabetes day

World Diabetes Day And The Role Of Opticians

To mark the birthday of Frederick Banting who was instrumental in the discovery of insulin in 1922, World Diabetes Day is celebrated on the 14th November each year to raise awareness for the disease and as such it is important to remember the role that opticians and other eye care specialists play in the diagnosis of this condition.
cost of optometrists visit putting patients off

Patients Dread The Cost Of A Trip To The Optometrists

It seems, following a recent study conducted at the University of Leeds, that when it comes to visiting your optometrist with an eye related condition, thoughts and fears such as those more commonly linked to trips to the dentist are highlighted and raised.
aop awards 2011

National Optometric Conference AOP Awards Winners 2011

After a fantastic NOC 2011 at the Chesford Grange Hotel, which we, Hanson Instruments were the proud sponsors of, it is time to reflect on one of the memorable highlights from the two day optometric conference, the AOP Awards and the winners.