falls more likely for patients with glaucoma

Glaucoma Study Shows Patients More Susceptible To Falls

According to a recent study published in Optometry and Vision Science, researchers believe that patients suffering from the eye and vision related condition glaucoma, are, on average, more susceptible to physical falls and accidents of such a nature due to this disease.
european medicines agency

EMA Workshop Discusses Optical Medicines and Treatments

In what was the first time such an event has been organised, the European Medicines Agency brought together experts in eye care, treatment as well as specialists in developing ophthalmology medicines for a workshop between the 27th and 28th October 2011.
topcon sld 4 digital slit lamp

UK Optical Practices Have Highest Patient Volume In Europe

A recent research study has shown that opticians and optical practices around the UK have on average, more patients and consumers than their European counterparts. It is reported that each UK practice has around 9,000 current patients on their books.
student eye opener

AOP Student Eye Opener Conference November 2011

Due to the overwhelming success of Student Eye Opener 2010, the organisers are again holding the event in 2011, with dates set for 25 - 27 November 2011 and tickets selling out fast. The show will be held at the Longleat Center Parcs with the event tailored for a balanced mixture of work and play.
fight for sight eye research

Fight For Sight Funding Sees Choroideremia Trials

Thanks to funding from the eye sight charity Fight For Sight, a new trial is to begin into the condition choroideremia, a disease which leads to blindness. It is a form of gene therapy, something that has never been used before in this field.

Pre Surgery Laser Treatment Safer For Cataract Removal

Current standard surgical procedures to remove cataracts in a patients eye may soon become a thing of the past due to a new research programme in the United States which focuses on a 'pre softening of the cataract' before surgery begins. This new method is billed as safer for the eye itself during the operation.
proud sponsors of noc 2011 hanson instruments

National Optometric Conference This Week

With November no longer looming but upon us, the National Optometric Conference also comes into full focus as THE event for optometrists, dispensing opticians, optometric advisers and anyone involved with Local/Regional Optical Committees. The show opens its doors this week, Thursday 3rd November to Friday 4th November.
high growth expected in ophthalmics industry

Longer Life Expectancy, Larger Growth In The Ophthalmic Industry

A new report into the growth of the ophthalmic industry indicates an expectation that the market will continue to grow during the next 4-5 years at rates of up to 12%. By 2015 it is estimated that the UK market for goods and services will total almost £3.5 billion.
increasing numbers of children not receiving eye testing

Which? Report Shows Disappointing Children's Sight Tests Numbers

Although a number of campaigns have been run in the last year in a bid to increase eye testing for youngsters and children at an early age, it seems many primary care trusts are continuing to fail in this department according to a new Which? report published for 2011.

Brain Tumor Diagnosed Following Visit To The Opticians

A young child of 8, following a trip to her opticians, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. During a fairly lengthy period of time, during which young Holly suffered from regular headaches, she visited her GP and opticians but was unable to get to the bottom of the cause.
benefits to lazy eye linked to use of video games consoles

Teenagers Rejoice, Video Games Can Be Good For Your Eyes

It's the news teenagers never thought would come. As well as people praying that one day a discovery will be made proving that chocolate and ice cream contribute to a trim physique, the age old saying of 'watching too much television will make your eyes square' is one that children world wide have hoped would be proved false.
quickly diagnosed detached retina saves patients sight

Opticians Quick Thinking Saves Mans Eye Sight

An Oldham opticians speed of thought came into its own when he was able to successfully help in preventing a male patient losing his sight. In a matter of just days, the 41 year old may have become blind had he not decided to make the trip to the opticians that he did.