health ombudsman report shows low complaints against opticians

Opticians Doing Things Right, Complaints Extremely Low

It seems that when it comes to the health service, and in particular the NHS, opticians are doing things right and indeed better than other branches of health care industries according to those that matter most, the patients and consumers that use them.
motorists to be checked more regularly for eye deterioration

Changes To Motorists Eye Sight Rules Expected By April 2012

Having recently seen the European parliament put forward new recommendations regarding drivers eye sight and vision in regards to their ability to get behind
contact lens warning for halloween period

Warning Over Cosmetic Contact Lenses Over Halloween Period

The Opticians Council of Canada have today issued a warning to all those celebrating over the Halloween period to consider the health of their eyes when choosing whether or not to wear cosmetic contact lenses to add to their fancy dress costumes.
optos daytona retinal imaging device black

Optos Daytona Retinal Imaging Device Launched In USA

Optical instrument manufacturer Optos have unveiled their brand new retinal imaging device, the Daytona, at the American Academy of Optometry ahead of its 2012 release. The desktop device designed by Dunfermline based Optos plc offers ultra-widefield imaging in an ultra-compact form.
vote for your aop award winners

National Optometric Conference Approaches, Vote For AOP Awards

The NOC is just a matter of weeks away, but don't worry if you haven't submitted your votes for the AOP Awards yet, there is still time to do so.
vision 2020 the right to sight logo

Eye Health Warnings During World Sight Day

With World Sight Day upon us, the impact the organisers have in mind is for local opticians, companies and health organisations to focus on local issues and problems that they face
world sight day 2011

World Sight Day 2011 VISION 2020: The Right To Sight

Today, Thursday 13th October 2011, sees World Sight Day 2011, an international day of awareness for the project VISION 2020: The Right To Sight. The day itself is planned to highlight global eye sight issues and vision impairment.
aspirin link to macular degeneration

Age Related Macular Degeneration Link To Aspirin

Having recently seen the drug Avastin being pulled from sale and distribution in regards to treating age related macular degeneration, a new study has recognised a link between the dise
goc to change fitness to practise rules

General Optical Council Proposes Changes To Fitness To Practice Rules

In a wave of sweeping changes, the General Optical Council has laid out plans to assess and revise rules regarding the fitness of a specialist to practice. The ideas being put forward really focus on the need to streamline and thus speed up current procedures regarding complaints.
aop association of optometrists

National Optometric Conference 2011 Fast Approaching

As we enter the month of October, we also enter the final few weeks before the National Optometric Conference 2011 which is to be hosted at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth.
albino eye

Increased Melanin Levels In Albino Mice

During recent tests, it has been noted that the drug nitisinone, usually used for treating tyrosinemia, has shown an increase in melanin levels in albino mice.
european parliament calls for eye tests every 10 years

European Parliament Recommends Compulsory 10 Year Eye Tests For Drivers

Following the Royal Sun Alliance's call for stricter and more rigorous testing of drivers eye sight, the European Parliament has put forward new recommendations regarding drivers