harry potter and the increase in glasses sales

Children, Glasses and the Potter Effect

He wanders around with a magic wand, claims to be a wizard, has a pet owl, is regularly seen in robes, has a private (very) school education and is a proud owner of a very old fashioned pair of spectacles. Does the image of the un-cool, nerdy lad you used to know spring to mind or that of the high school heartthrob?


children and eye strain using laptops and digital equipment

Warning For Children And 'Digital' Eye Strain

Parents have been warned to monitor the effects that using digital devices have on their childrens eyes. So called, 'digital' eye strain, covers a broad spectrum of products such as laptops, computer screens, mobile phones, tablets and televisions.


Increased definition in veins post Vitamin C boost

Retinal Imagery Of Vitamin C Boosting Via Fundus Camera

We recently discussed the new study of Cardio Retinometry and the benefits to patients which an optician can offer through the use of fundus cameras to detect and diagnose heart defects at the early stages of disease. Our original blog can be found here:


Male eye

Cataract Patients Operation Denials Increase

A recent study by the Royal National Institute of Blind People along with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists has shown than over 50% of England primary care trusts have implemented stricter guidelines and restrictions regarding cataract operations, meaning fewer are now currently taking place than are required.


Vitamin C and Heart Disease

Cardio Retinometry - What Is It?

Cardio Retinometry by definition, is a method of studying heart disease through the analysis of the eyes. It is a study that has been put forward as a possible preventative measure against the threat of heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes.


Optometry Today

Optometry Today Launches Online Practice CET Exams

Looking for somewhere to practice for your CET exams? Need a little help in finding out what previous years tests have been like?


Apple iPad 2 App EyeDispense

New iPad App For Optical Professionals Available On App Store

Sold as the very first of its kind, EyeDispense, the brand new iPad2 app is being offered to the market as, 'for use by optical professionals, to help people with poor vision choose new eyeglasses without optical correction.'


scanner screens for amblyopia

Eye Care Study Into Identifying Amblyopia

Clinical testing of the new handheld Paediatric Vision Scanner has shown impressive results when diagnosing amblyopia in children. The study, which has seen results even in very young ages, has been carried out by ophthalmologists in a hospital in Boston. Detections were even made in the adsense of measurable strabismus.


Opticians withdraw advertising funds

Opticans Close Ranks As News Of The World Allegations Continue

As the dust shows little signs of settling over the infamous phone-hacking scandals that have seen the News of the World newspaper close its doors, it has now become apparent that before the final issue was printed, two large opticians pulled their adverts from the paper.


hanson instruments optometry news section

Hanson Instruments Optometry News Section

We are pleased to announce that we are launching our brand new, latest news section at Over the coming weeks and months, we will be finding the most up to date information regarding changes in the optical world, be it legislation based or technological.