CSO Z Type Contact Tonometer

CSO Z Type Contact Tonometer
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CSO Z Type Contact Tonometer

The CSO Z Type applanation tonometer is an accessory for the SL 980 and SL 990 slit lamps, and is used for measuring ocular pressure. Thanks to its versatility, the CSO Z Type can also be assembled on and used with other instruments; it can also be used as an accessory for slit lamps produced by other manufacturers.

The CSO Z Type applanation tonometer operates according to the “Goldmann method.” It measures the pressure required for maintaining uniform applanation of the corneal surface. Precise measurement of the small flattened area is made using a slit lamp at 10x magnification.

  • Measurement of the patient’s ocular pressure is made using a slit lamp, together with other routine microscopic measurements
  • Measurement accuracy is extremely high; the standard deviation among single measurements is approximately ± 0,5 mmHg
  • The value is expressed in mmHg and is read directly on the instrument
  • Sceral rigidity need not be taken into consideration because the small volume moved (0,56mm3) increases intra-ocular pressure by only about 2.5%
  • Repetition of the measurement procedure does not reduce ocular pressure since no “massage effect” has been reported
  • There are no difficulties as regard standardization and calibration.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measurement force: generated by the spring
  • Installation: assembled on the guide plate on the slit lamp arm
  • Measurement range: 0 ÷ 80 mmHg (0 ÷ 10,64 kPa)
  • Approximation of the impact force on the measurement head for a 0 to 58,84 mN measurement range: Standard divergence: 0,49 mN ≤ 3s ≤ 1,5 % of nominal value
  • Measurement uncertainty: ≤ 0,49 mN
CSO Z Type Contact Tonometer

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