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Keeler KAT Applanation Tonometer - Contact

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Keeler KAT Applanation Tonometer - Contact

Reliable and repeatable applanation tonometry, the Keeler Applanation Tonometer (KAT) is a perfect example of British manufacturing experience delivering great quality and value. We have applied 21st Century design techniques to an old established principle to deliver a premium quality instrument.

  • Goldmann applanation principle
    The Goldmann applanation principle is widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP.

    The KAT is made with precision machined components, subject to stringent quality controls pre, during and after assembly to add reliability and repeatability to an established technique.
  • T type, R type or BQ type
    The take-away T type KAT is fitted to the guide plate on the optical axis for the microscope and illumination unit arm. The fixed R type is mounted on a post fitted to the microscope optical body. The BQ KAT is designed specifically to fit the Haag Streit BQ, BP and BX Slit Lamps and fits directly to the optics support arm.
  • Robust and reliable
    Our all metal parts, manufactured to a high precision engineering design will withstand the test of time and deliver reliable results year after year.

Technical specifications

  • Measurement force - By leverage weight
  • Installation:
    Keeler T type: for tower illumination Slit Lamps -
    Fitted to the guide plate on the optical axis for the microscope and illumination unit arm

    Keeler R type: for tower illumination Slit Lamps -
    Mountable on a post fitted to the microscope optical body
  • Measurement range - 0 - 80 mmHg (0 – 10.64 kPa)
  • Approximation of the impact force on the measurement head for a 0 to 58,84 mN measurement range - Standard divergence: 0.49 mN <_ 3s <_ 1.5% of nominal value
  • Operating temperature range - from 10°C to 35°C
  • Measurement accuracy - <_ 0.49 mN
  • Net weights:
    Keeler T type - 0.41 kg (without accessories)

    Keeler R type - 0.69 kg (without accessories)

    Keeler BQ type - 0.712 kg (without accessories)

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