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Nidek RT900 Auto Phoropter Head

Nidek RT900 Auto Phoropter Head

Nidek RT900 Auto Phoropter Head
SKU: S101389

Nidek RT900 Auto Phoropter Head

The Nidek Refractor model RT-900 is a computerized refractor used for subjective refraction when connected to the Nidek Auto Refractometer (AR), Auto Ref/ Keratometer (ARK) and Auto Lensmeter (LM)*. The operator has a fully integrated refraction system that simplifies and speeds up refraction.
The RT-900 includes a refractor head, a remote control, a relay box, and a printer (option).

The relay box serves as a link to the refractor head, remote control and printer, and also functions as a communication link to the AR and/or LM.

The refractor head provides a display for viewing measurements. The remote control allows the operator to perform most operations from the integrated console by linking the refractor and the connected chart presenting device.


Measuring range

  • Sphere: –19.00 to +16.75 D, (0.25 D/ 3 D increments)
  • Cylinder: 0.00 to ±7.25 D (0.25 D/1 D increments)
  • Axis: 0 to 179 degrees (1 /5 degrees increments)
  • PD: 48 to 80 mm
    (Short working distance:
    Both - 1.0 mm/ Single - 0.5 mm increments)
    50 to 74mm
    (Far PD:
    Both - 1.0 mm/ Single - 0.5 mm increments)
    50 to 74mm
    (Near PD when the near working distance is set in 35 cm: Both - 1.0 mm/ Single - 0.5 mm increments)
    54 to 80 mm: 100% convergence far PD
    (The convergence angle is reduced gradually under 54 mm and
    becomes 0% (no convergence) at 48 mm.)
  • Rotary prism lens: 0 to 20∆ (0.1∆/ 0.5∆/ 2∆ increments)
  • Cross cylinder lens: ±0.25 D cross cylinder lens

Refraction distance for near vision: 350 to 700 mm (50 mm increments)

Visual field: 45 degrees (VD=12 mm), 44 degrees (VD=13.75 mm)

Adjustment range of the forehead rest: 15 mm

Scale of corneal vertex distance: 12, 14 (13.75 in certain areas), 16, 18, 20 mm

Adjustment of horizontal level: ±2.5 degrees

* Please check for model compatibility.

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