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Nidek AR-1 Autorefractometer

Hanson Instruments

Nidek AR-1 Auto Refractometer - The Superior Auto Refractometer

What is the superior auto ref / keratometer and auto refractometer?
The AR-1 series speaks for itself, surpassing a conventional auto refractometer with technologically enhanced functions generating greater accuracy and greater clinical information.

Superior Functions for Superior Outcomes

Accurate Refraction Measurement

  • Large Pupil Zone Imaging Method
  • Super Luminescent Diode and Highly Sensitive CCD
  • Optimal Fogging to Minimize Accommodation (available for the ARK-1s, ARK-1a, AR-1s, and AR-1a)

VA Measurement with Glare Test

  • VA Measurement with Built-in Charts and Lenses (available for the ARK-1s and AR-1s)
  • Recall Function for Instant Vision Comparisons (available for the ARK-1s, ARK-1a, ARK-1, AR-1s, and AR-1a)
  • Contrast and Glare Test (available for the ARK-1s and AR-1s)

Simple Opacity Assessment

  • Retroillumination Image and NIDEK Cataract Indices (available for the ARK-1s, ARK-1a, AR-1s, and AR-1a)

Patient-friendly Accommodation Measurement
(available for the ARK-1s, ARK-1a, AR-1s, and AR-1a)

  • Accommodation Measurement with Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
  • Measurement with Astigmatism Correction
  • Assessment for Intermediate or Near Vision Lens

Practical and User Friendly Features

  • 3-D Auto Tracking and Auto Shot (Y direction (vertical) auto tracking is available for the ARK-1 and AR-1)
  • Tiltable Color LCD Screen
  • High Speed Printer with Easy Loading & Auto Cutter
  • Eye Care Card System (card is optional)

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