Oculus Centrefield 2 Field Screener

New Oculus Centerfield Field Screener

New Oculus Centrefield Field Screener with notepad


Thanks to its ergonomic design, user-friendly program navigation and ease of operation, the Centerfield® 2 Perimeter has proven itself to be an invaluable instrument in the occupational health area. The unit performs static perimetry up to 70° eccentricity.

  • Ergonomic design - perfect for portability and use in normally lit rooms
  • Reliable results, in a clearly structured printout
  • Modern connectivity - simple connection to USB ports


  • Perimeter bowl radius:  r = 30 cm
  • Test point parameters:  corresponding to Goldmann standard
  • Stimulus size:  III
  • Luminance range:  0 - 318 cd/m² (1000 asb) luminance differences
  • Luminance increments:  0.1 log units
  • Speed:  adaptive / fast / normal / slow / user-defined
  • Test point colors:  white/blue
  • Eccentricity:  36°/70°
  • Ambient brightness:  10 cd/m²
  • Fixation control:  CMOS camera, via central threshold, Heijl-Krakau method
  • Patient positioning:  Depth-adjustable head rest. Optional: Chin rest with motorized height adjustment
  • Weight:  11.7 kg
  • Chin rest:  1.1 kg
  • Operating voltages:  100 V – 240 V
  • PC minimum requirements:  CPU 750 MHz
  • Operating system: Windows 98 SE or higher
  • Graphics card: VGA 800 x 600
  • USB port
  • Static perimetry:  Class strategy
  • Suprathreshold 2 –zone strategy
  • Suprathreshold 3-zone strategy
  • Suprathreshold quantity defects
  • Full (4-2) threshold strategy
  • Fast threshold
  • Optional: CLIP strategy
  • Test point grid:  At least 13 test point gridsAt least 13 test point grids
  • Kinetic perimetry:  automatic;
  • choice of isopters, speed 2° per second (Goldmann standard) or user-defined
  • Included in delivery:  Cover
  • Lens holder for trial lenses
  • Opaque occluder
  • Four trial lenses: +/- 1.0 sph. and +/- 3.0 sph.
New Oculus Centerfield Field Screener

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