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Nidek NT-3000 Non Contact Tonometer

Hanson Instruments
  • Auto-alignment and auto focusing makes the operation quick, smooth and easy. The operator can select whether to operate in full-auto mode, semi-auto mode and manual mode.
  • Comparing with our former model, the auto-tracking area has been expanded twice, both in the vertical and horizontal axis.
  • To obtain accurate and reliable data, measurements are initiated only when the best condition between the NT-3000 and the patient is identified.
  • A safety stopper has been incorporated to prevent accidental contact of the eye with the air nozzle.
  • For the purpose of power conservation and screen longevity the monitor is switched off after five minutes of inactivity.
  • The first reading is performed with minimum air pressure by the automatic shut-off system. In subsequent readings, the APC function will be activated to make the puff softer than the first reading. The puff can be controlled according to each patient's eye.
  • The measurements starts when the eye is fully open to obtain accurate and stable data without disturbance of the eyelash.

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