Age Related Macular Degeneration Link To Aspirin

aspirin link to macular degeneration

Having recently seen the drug Avastin being pulled from sale and distribution in regards to treating age related macular degeneration, a new study has recognised a link between the disease and the every day medical product, aspirin.

The link to the disease primarily focuses on the "wet' form of the condition, also known as neovascular or exudative AMD. This causes loss of vision due to abnormal blood vessel growth, which in turn leads to problems below the macula, including bleeding and a leaking of protein.

Research would appear to suggest, from Ophthalmology Journal, that while taking aspirin the risk of developing "wet" age related macular degeneration doubled in those over the age of 65. The researchers are eager however, not to scare regular users of aspirin off the drug. As the drug is used widely in patients and suffers of heart disease as an anti-coagulant, it is recommended that sufferers do not stop taking aspirin as it's benefits outweigh it's potentially negative effect on your vision and eye health. People who are concerned about this link should contact or visit their GP to discuss the options available to them.