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Optometry Scotland Welcomes Nicola McElvanney As New Chair Blog Type: Standart

Optometry Scotland have announced their new chair as optometrist Nicola McElvanney, who will replace the outgoing David Bonellie in the role.

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National Glaucoma Awareness Week 2015 - Regular Eye Testing For Drivers Blog Type: Standart

With National Glaucoma Awareness Week 2015 upon us, further calls are being made by industry leading optical specialists in regards to the need for regular sight tests in the UK for drivers, following concerning statistics that almost 20% of the over 45's in the country have failed to visit their local opticians for a sight test in the last five years.

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Google Design Biometric Contact Lens Eye Product Blog Type: Standart

Technology giant Google has been successful in its filing of a patent for its latest design, a contact lens that uses biometric scanning for authentication purposes.

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Phantom Eye Syndrome - Eye Cancer Patients 'See' Without Eyes Blog Type: Standart

With similar results to sensations felt by amputees following the loss of limbs, a recent study has shown that many patients who have lost an eye through cancer, feel pain or the ability to 'see' despite the loss of their physical eye. The study by Liverpool University reported that over 40% of those researched experienced phantom eye syndrome.

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Can Metformin Hydrochloride Reduce Risk Of Glaucoma? Blog Type: Standart

A research project, jointly initiated at the American universities of Michigan and Indiana, believes it has found a link between the drug metformin hydrochloride and a reduced risk of developing open angle glaucoma. The drug itself is actually a common treatment for sufferers of diabetes type 2.

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Peek - The Portable Eye Test Smartphone App Blog Type: Standart

Peek, a smartphone application which has been used as an alternative to more traditional test charts during an eye examination, has been hailed as being as reliable as using a chart based system following a research project which correlated the results of a Peek test in comparison to a repeated eye clinic exam, just days apart from each other.

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World Council Of Optometry Moves From UK To US Blog Type: Standart

Currently based in the United Kingdom, the World Council of Optometry has announced plans to move from London to St Louis in the United States of America.

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Masters In Optometry Course To Launch At Portsmouth University Blog Type: Standart

A new optometric couse is due to launch in 2016 at the University of Portsmouth. The forthcoming Masters in Optometry will be a four year degree at the university and it is hoped to have influences from sources such as the General Optical Council and College of Optometrists.

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Link Between Eye Health And Dyslexia Seemingly Dismissed Blog Type: Standart

A recent study in the eye health sector has seemingly dismissed a theory that poor vision could be behind the onset of dyslexia in children. There has been a thought process that dyslexia may in fact have a direct link or indeed be a consequence of poor visual abilities.

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Eye Exam Statistics See A Dramatic Rise In Scotland Blog Type: Standart

A 29% rise in eye exams performed in Scotland shows that numbers have increased from 1.58 million in 2006/7 to 2.04 million in 2013/14, which is now officially a record high.

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