Lensmeters (Auto and Manual)

An auto or manual lensmeter, can also be referred to as a focimeter, lensometer or a vertometer. As an ophthalmic instrument, it is generally used by optometrists and opticians. Its uses are to ensure the correct prescription is used in a pair of glasses in order to properly align and mark uncut lenses. It also confirms the correct mounting of lenses when they are fitted into spectacle frames. Lensmeters may also verify the power of contact lenses, a special lens support will need to be used.

The lensmeter can also be used to check the accuracy of progressive lenses and often is more than capable of marking the lens and other measurements which could be deemed critical to proper performance of the lens. Using a lensmeter prior to the examination of the eye can also aid in obtaining the previous prescriptions the patient was given.



There are generally two types of lensmeters, a manual one and an automatic one. Each device has it owns advantages and benefits, that is why is not uncommon for most opticians to have both in their practice.

We can offer both types, our manual lensmeter has been very popular for many years due to its reliability and precision when measuring for spherical lens dioptre, cylindrical lens dioptre, cylindrical lens axis of astigmatism, prism dioptre and cornea contact lens dioptre. It has an Internal system with prism compensator with 360º prism axis line and can provide +/- 25D range of measurement.

Our automatic lensmeter is the Unicos ULM800F. It boasts a 7” Full-color touch LCD High-definition screen and can offer a wide range of lens measurements for various lenses such as Progressive’s, Bifocal’s and single vision. It can also automatically recognise single vision, Progressive and other lenses and can automatically change to corresponding measurement mode. It can measure UV simply and accurately without compensation of UV transmittance ratio even in the case of lenses with high prescriptions (-25D to +25D)

We can also sell reconditioned Nidek auto lensmeters, such as the Nidek LM-500 and the Nidek LM-600 P UV Auto Lensmeter. All our reconditioned instruments come with a standard 12-month warranty (unless otherwise stated)

If you are interested in purchasing a lensmeter, either a manual one or an automatic one, please contact our sales department who will be able to advise and recommend the right fundus camera for you and your practice.