Fundus Cameras

Fundus photography, which is performed using a fundus camera, is the process of capturing a photograph of the back of the eye. These specialist fundus cameras consist of an intricate microscope which is invariably attached to a flash enabled camera. The areas that are photographed with the fundus camera are the central and peripheral retina, the optic disc and the macula. Fundus photography can be performed with coloured filters but specialized dyes including fluorescein and indocyanine green can also be used.



As exclusive distributors of CSO products in the UK we can now offer the Cobra HD and Cobra+.

The Cobra HD is an innovative, non-mydriatic, digital fundus camera that combines all of the functions needed for fast retinal screening. By using its new optical system, the Cobra provides high quality retinal pictures. The Cobra HD includes an advanced tool for Meibomiam Glands Dysfunction (MGD) analysis. This tool, through taking an easy, colour photograph, and without the use of any additional accessories, provides an evaluation of the gland’s loss criticity (5 steps scale).

The Cobra+ is an easy to use, non-mydriatic digital fundus camera. The 5 mega pixel camera produces high resolution retinal images up to a 50-degree visual field. The Cobra+ can capture images through a very small pupil diameter (2.5mm). Images can be transferred to the Phoenix software platform for analysis and review.

It has nine internal fixation points which allows the capture of the peripheral retina, in order to give a panoramic image of the peripheral areas. The automatic measure of the “Cup to Disk” ratio is very useful and fast in the glaucoma screening. Thanks to Phoenix is it possible to overlap the retinal image with the ERG multi focal test performed by Retimax.

We also sell reconditioned fundus camera’s like the Nidek AFC-330PCT and the Nidek AFC 210. All our reconditioned instruments come with a standard 12-month warranty (unless otherwise stated)

If you are interested in purchasing a Fundus camera, please contact our sales department who will be able to advise and recommend the right fundus camera for you and your practice.