Dry Eye


Dry Eye is a tear film disorder and is caused by the reduced production or the excessive evaporation of tears, this in turn can cause damage to the exposed ocular surface and is also associated with eye sensitivity. Excessive evaporation of tears (in 86% of cases this is the reason why a patient would be suffering from dry eye) is induced by the obstruction or malfunction of the Meibomian glands that are located in the eyelids and are responsible for producing the tears lipid layer.



Treatment for dry eye syndrome is usually done with eye drops and if needed, a warm compress. However due to advances in medical technology, the Espansione Group, an innovative Italian manufacturer specialising in Ophthalmic and Dermatological products, has developed the eye-light line®. The first complete strategy for dry eye treatment.

The first of these strategies is the Me-Check®, an easy-to-use piece of equipment, that can be used as a handheld device or be mounted to a slit-lamp. This device is designed to be used as a screener for dry eye syndrome and MGD (Meibomian gland disorder). It has the capability to carry out  Meibomian Glands Dysfunction Level Meiboscale (Dr. PultDry) and  Eye-Severity Level OSDI-6  (Pult/Wolffsohn). Straight away these two different scales give the practitioner an indication of which patients are suffering with dry and/or MGD.

If, as a practitioner, you would like to carry out a full dry eye assessment for your patients, before any treatment is recommended, then the Antares Topographer from CSO, may well be the piece of equipment you need. It can provide you with a complete Meibomian Gland analysis report, Tear film analysis report and Tear meniscus measurement report. This gives the practitioner the most accurate and complete diagnosis for patients that may be suffering from dry eye syndrome and/or MGD

The espansione group have developed one-piece of equipment, the EYE-LIGHT®, which has two unique technologies, OPE® (IPL) and light modulation® (LLLT). The use of combined IPL/LLLT for the treatment of severe MGD can be beneficial in patients who have failed topical and/or systemic therapy.

Some patients may not be in a position or want OPE® (IPL) and light modulation® (LLLT) treatments, therefore we are able to offer a great range of eye drops, which can help with the effects of dry eye. The Sodyal range contain two types of eye drops, the Sodyal X and Sodyal intensive, which are preservative free. We have a great range of dry eye- sprays too, which some patients find easier to use.

At Hanson we aim to be the dry eye specialists to all practitioners and opticians around the UK