Hanson Will Preview The New SL99K Elite Slit Lamp At 100% Optical 2024

CSO SL99K Elite Slit Lamp

CSO has announced the official release of the SL99K Élite slit lamp, the long-awaited technological upgrade to the renowned SL9900 Élite model. The new version will be previewed at 100% Optical on Hanson Medical stand - M430

The SL99K Élite introduces a number of new features designed to improve the user experience when imaging the eye structures by making the examination easier and more ergonomic. Among the main features of the new tool we find a multifunction joystick that allows, in addition to the function of taking photos, to switch to video mode; The joystick is also programmed to adjust the exposure of the image during shooting, giving precise control to the user. The instrument is equipped at the base with a potentiometer with dual controls, which allows the intensity of the main and background illuminators to be adjusted.

The user will therefore be able to manage all the functions related to image acquisition without ever taking his hands off the instrument; In addition, the magnification variator automatically communicates to the Phoenix application the magnification used to take the photos, thus allowing precise measurements of the eye and appendages. The new features are integrated into a completely renewed design, entirely "made in Italy".

"The slit lamp is one of the products with which C.S.O. has conquered the ophthalmic market since its inception," he says Veronica Mura, C.E.O. of CSO. "Presenting the evolution of our first SL 901/R at Mido after more than 50 years means for me to look to the future, having our roots in our past."

"CSO's history is closely linked to constant technological innovation, just think of the Confindustria Award for Excellence received in 2007 and the affirmation on the global market of the product with the highest technological content we produce, the OCT of the MS-39 front segment. Carrying out the technological evolution of a historic instrument such as the slit lamp was a challenge and a stimulating project for us," adds Gilda Mura, vice president of CSO.