Allergens Warning

Up to eighteen million British inhabitants are sufferers of the dreaded hayfever and as our summer climes seem to have miraculously found their way to our shores, they are all in full throttle anti-histamine red alert. Temperature are hitting the high seventies across the country and with them the Met Office are putting out warnings of exceedingly high counts of pollen. According to the established UK charity Allergy UK, it is we Brits, who suffer the highest rates in the world of hayfever and as we have witnessed an unusually mild winter and an early but warm spring the grass has become dry and will continue to release pollen so long as the weather remains warm and mild.GP's are reporting that figures of patients that are coming to surgery to ask for assistance for their hayfever symptoms are up by almost fifty percent on the figures for 2013.
According to a recent survey of  seventy two practices, eleven thousand out of a total of eight hundred thousand on the records were seeking prescriptions for it.

Be prepared, and heed the Met Office reports, and do not forget that if the symptoms are not urgent, then your pharmacist can normally assist you in an over the counter remedy .