Army Wear goes Protected

Researchers of scientific eye health and select doctors are forming a partnership with Army research scientists to develop a brand new form of eye protection, or 'eye Armour' for soldiers.Current eye protection goggles used by the military consist of a set of four different lenses that combat debris, sunlight and lasers. The danger is that, by moving amongst and within different combat situations requiring protection from different lenses, the incorrect lens may be applied due to logistics or conditions or even left off altogether leaving the wearer wide open to threats.

What the military have been working towards is a multipurpose functioning lens so that users never have to take them on and off. In addition the ability for these lenses to sense threats and share information much like the smart glass technology already being used for surgeons would further protect soldiers in active combat. These might use pixelated response systems that will make the lens darken when pinpointed with light. While the similarities in the smart glass technology are up there on the discussion boards the army research team are keen to stress that the emphasis is very much on sensory involvement that focuses on light management and protection for the soldier.