The Best Is Yet To Come?

Researchers from the U.S have just collected a portion of skin from patients and combined it with induced pluripotent stem cell to find a cure for Best Disease, a disease that can lead to  blindness.

The director of McPherson Eye Research Institute in Wisconsin has  stated that, their experiment will help to understand in detail various eye disorders and age related degeneration diseases that destroy the macula present in the retina. Theirmodel has been developed in a specific way that helps the researchers  to get deeper knowledge about possible biological effects of gene mutations and will assist in finding the correct solution to deliver treatments associated with Best Disease.

The researchers collected  skin samples from two different families who  are suffering from Best Disease. They have reported that there is a possibility that the disease is genetic and is documented as affecting  children from as early an  age of three.

Their experiment made it possible to turn the skin into possible stem cells. In turn those cells were then turned to retinal pigment epithelium which resembles the cells of the effected eye with Best Disease.

 The researchers were able to track down the progress that destroys the vision.

All hopeful for the future for this debilitating condition.