Bionic Eye Helps The Blind Read Letters

Bionic Eye Helps The Blind Read Letters

A new study has found that a bionic eye implant can aid people with severe vision impairment as a result of retinitis pigmentosa.

Across 10 countries across the globe, researchers asked patients using the Argus II device if they could see single letters and also three or four. 72% accuracy rate was reported for single letter identification compared to just 17% without the use of the implant.

The findings also found that 75% accuracy when finding two letters and 58% when finding four.

Lead research and a consultant retinal surgeon at Moorlands Eye Hospital, Lyndon Crus said: “The paper highlights data showing the tremendous potential of the Argus II to restore some meaningful vision in patients that otherwise would have been left blind. The fact that we are seeing many of our patients being able to recognise large letters, locate the position of objects and more, is truly encouraging and beyond initial expectations.”

Second Sight developed the retinal implant and say it’s the only device of its kind approved for use.

These results are not only exciting but it also gives some hope for the thousands of people with severe vision impairment.