Caffeine May Prove Best Defense

We are all aware that things that we choose to eat or drink can affect our health. That a healthy lifestyle includes the consumption of green and leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and litres of water.I personally enjoy a good cup of coffee. Arguably, I tend to drink more of the brown stuff than I do of water which is supposed to very dehydrating for me, however, research now released has indicated that drinking coffee can assist in the prevention of some eye diseases.
 Researchers have discovered that the strong anti-oxidants found in coffee have an effect on loss of vision and can prove preventative in age related eye diseases.

The results come out of a joint study between the United States and South Korea where the impact of chlorogenic acid has been investigated in laboratory mice that were treated with nitric oxide that in return artificially creates oxidative stress and free radicals that in turn lead to retinal degeneration.

 A group of mice that received treatment of the chlorogenic acid were found that they escaped from any retinal damage from the oxidative stress but it has not been tested as to whether the acid is delivered directly to the retina from just consuming coffee that contains it.

Delivery of the acid via drops or a specialized brew for retinal support would be required under further research environments to prove the effects conclusively.