Christmas Safety!

With Christmas just around the corner, here's a little reminder about eye safety during the festivities!
Buy toys without sharp edges or projectile devices.
Choose toys appropriate for the child's age and be sure to supervise your children when opening or playing with new toys they will be unfamiliar with. This goes for mums and dads too!

Ten thousand people this year will seek A & E assistance for cuts and bruises through falling. Keep your eyes open and be aware of potential hazards! One hundred people will sustain injuries while decorating for the period. Glass baubles, tree branches, candles etc, all pose suitable threats to eyes and limbs! Wear eye protection if cutting your tree and be aware of flicking branches when transporting it through the house.

A study by consumer giant Morrisons found that one hundred thousand people sustain injuries every year from champagne corks! Remember to hold the cork down firmly with the palm of your hand when removing the wire. Use a towel, and direct the bottle away from people including yourself. Try and keep the bottle at a 45 degree angle. An exiting cork can pop at speeds of up to 60 mph and there is 70 pounds per square inch of pressure behind every one ( that's three times the pressure of an average car tyre!)

If we get the white stuff, protect your eyes while driving. Choose  Rose, Yellow/ orange or amber / grey sun lenses with a good UV Protection. Keep windscreens clean and free from smudges and debris to have maximum visibility.

Stay safe - stay aware and Happy Christmas!