Compounding the Mystery of Migraine

Anybody having suffered from a migraine will be encouraged to learn that  a brand new compound has been discovered by researchers in biological studies at the Salk Institute.

The compound is a could-be contender for the successful treatment of the condition for the future. It works by blocking melanopsin light sensors in our eyes. During the study of the sensors, it was discovered that  receptors governed our sleeping cycles and varying sensitivity functions in test patients who were deemed to have " healthy" eyes. In addition to this it was in charge, if you like, for the job of constricting our pupils when exposed to bright levels of light, which is a trigger for the hyper sensitivity to light linked to migraine headaches.

During an " attack" or migraine headache, some patients will experience a light aura or " spots" of light that pre-empts the pain of a migraine. Sufferers may find it difficult to focus on objects or experience vision as if looking through broken glass.

Keeping out of bright light sources and often sleeping in the resolution stages, can ease the symptoms.