Costly but Clear

For sufferers of long sightedness, and wearers of glasses, a new plastic lens is promising to slash the percentage of those still needing corrective lenses following a relatively simple surgical procedure.The procedure itself sounds gruesome as it involves cutting the lens of the eye with an incision ( but it is just three millimeters long) and then the plastic lens implant is put into the eye using the same opening incisions. The lens is called the Symfony and has been designed to give better distance vision. Between eighty and ninety per cent of patients who have opted for the plastic lens procedure reported that they no longer needed to continue using their prescriptive lenses.In addition to the simplicity of the operation, the recovery time after surgery is minimal.Many reported that within twenty four hours they were feeling the benefits of clearer long distance sight and that on an hourly basis clarity was resolved.Although just a mere quarter of an hour to complete, some would argue that the procedure is beyond the means for many patients at a pretty costly four thousand pound financial outlay. This is per eye, not for the pair.

However, where there are means it is hoped that quality of life is much improved and that the price of the procedure will eventually fall to within manageable limits to benefit many more.