Course runs to Eleventh Year

Eyehope is a British charity that was formed six years ago by a group of leading London ophtalmologists. Along with their trustees and vilunteers they are working towards improving the treatment and care for eye disease.

With funding stretching to help research all causes of sight loss, it has traditionally been provided for sight problems  aimed at the commoner causes of visual impairment.  Current funding for research  includes that for Macular Degeneration and surgery for Cataracts.

The charity also supports health professionals  and provides training to promote and assist in high level patient care.

The Charity are running a Course on 12 March at St. Thomas; Hospital on Vitreo Retinal and allied problems.

This is a bi-annual one day course and will be the eleventh year it has been supported. In the intervening years Moorfields eye hospital has run the course.
There will be guest speakers to talk and provide current overviews of Vitreo Retinal and allied problems. There will be 27 presentations provided on the day to eye health professionals, supporting staff, optometrists ophtalmologists and nurses of all grades.


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