Depth Perception giving you strain?

My children have been nagging me incessantly for a 3-D TV. But talking to a friend who has been the proud owner of such a device for the last six months, I've heard reports of motion sickness from viewing it. I am a person who will, at the slightest bump in the road, can feel motion sickness and when visiting the local I-max to watch the latest 3D releases I often have to remove my glasses to almost re-focus and re-balance myself.

On further investigation his was an isolated symptom to just himself, but the underlying cause? He was having depth perception issues that his optician recently diagnosed.

We live in a techy-gadget world, and using our smartphones, playing on the video games consoles (now plural in many households) and using computers for hours a day both at work and at home the continued use can tire and dry out our sensitive eyes. What causes computer use eyestrain? One of the issues is the number of times we blink. On average we would blink up to eighteen times a minute but we only blink half the time when using are gadgets. Also too much near work or extending amounts of reading or writing will also contribute.

To counteract the effects of eyestrain try these;

  • Don't sit too close to your monitor. Just over two feet is a sensible distance to work with. You could also angle your screen so its facing slightly downwards 
  • Try and fit a screen filter to reduce glare
  • Use a post it note on the top of your screen reminding you to blink
  • Take a break every twenty minutes to focus on something more than 2 feet away for a few seconds
  • Use an eye drop to keep eyes moist
  • Sleep well! Tiredness will aggravate the ability to focus. Sleep restocks our eyes with nourishing nutrients. Ongoing eye irritation could cause infections, more likely too if you wear contact lenses.