Don't be Shortsighted

A new research study  commissioned by consultant group Spectrum Thea has resulted in a revised warning to limit or reduce the number of hours that we use our electronic devices for.
Shocking figures have shown that we spend on average seventy seven hours  a week using a computer, smart phone, laptop or other leisure electronic unit. The knock on effect of these actions is that we inevitably blink less often which results in dry and sore eyes.
 Out of a group sample of two thousand participants, the number who claimed to suffer from dry eye syndrome or were noticeably affected by dry eyes totaled just over fifty four per cent.

Leading eye health professionals are voicing their concerns that continued usage of such devices up to such long hours as this study has thrown light on, could result in higher cases of diagnosed myopia in the United Kingdom. The number of laser eye surgery patients has seen a convincing rise in numbers as it is a popular method of treating severe cases of shortsightedness. Untreated conditions of sore eyes and indeed myopia can turn into permanent damage if not investigated.