Don't Crush a Grape

How man of your five a day are you attempting to get? Ask another question.. do you have any idea of the health benefits that any of those five a day may be providing? Potassium can be p=boosted by a banana or two and greens will help with Vitamins K and C  for example. But on an eye level, news has come out of Florida USA that grapes can have specific sway on your eye health.How is this so?Well research trials that have been going on in the States on mice, have been looking in detail at oxidative stress. They found that mice who were put on an enriched diet of the fruit were witnessing  changes at a cellular level that provided retinal protection for the animals . Studies have been ongoing as to whether a grape supplement in the diets of the subjects were protecting the eyes photoreceptors that long term would delay any degeneration in the retina.

As well as seeing the mice retinal functions substantially improve over the subjects that were placed on a controlled diet not including the grapes, researchers also found that the test mice exhibited thicker retinas. The use of grapes in the diet resulted in lower levels of inflammatory proteins and higher amounts of protective proteins in the retinas.