Don't it Make Your Brown Eyes Blue?


Those old " blue eyes" may have made some women swagger back in the day of Rat Pack Glamour, but recent research has indicated that people born with brown eyes are intrinsically to be more trusted that those born with blue.

Over in Prague, a random selection of university students were asked to look at 40 photographs of female and 40 photos of male students and details were taken as to  who was perceived to be more trustworthy. Interestingly it wasn't the blue eyed boys that came out on top!

Researchers have concluded that it cannot be eye colour alone that is a determining factor in this type of study. It was found that there was quite a heavy correlation between brown eyes and facial shapes. Researchers having delivered the original test, then " re-touched" some photos changing brown eyes to blue, and discovered it was facial shape that were influencing the answers when it came to the male test subjects photographs.

Generally the men with brown eyes had broader chins, prominent eye brows and larger noses and mouths, and it was THIS that appeared to convey trustworthiness.

Overall, there was a negative correlation between perceived dominance and trustworthiness.