Drops not Injections

Exciting news from the University College London has led to an announcement that unpleasant injections to the eye could soon become an event of the past. Lead Professor Cordeiro has said that the development of being able to administer drugs directly to the back of the eye using drops and not injections will simplify and allow health professionals to treat a far greater number of patients that are suffering from potential blindness from various eye disease including Age Related Macular Degeneration.At present patients are having to have monthly injections which long term proves costly not forgetting the stress and discomfort for the patient.The ability to administer drugs via drops is being nicknamed the " magic bullet" within the sector. It would negate the need for lengthy treatment periods, which can run for up to two years currently for patients with AMD for example, and with an aging population the requirement for fast and effective treatments is even more in demand as demand will increase over the next decade.

The area is always going to be a challenge but it is one that warrants more research and study.