DuraVision Platinum - Carl Zeiss Vision's Strongest Spectacle Lens

DuraVision Platinum - Carl Zeiss Vision's Strongest Spectacle Lens

In their strive to uphold their recognized high standards, Carl Zeiss Vision has launched what it describes as its 'hardest spectacle lens of all time.' The new DuraVision Platinum lens is made up of nine ultra thin layers, directly applied to each other. Different layers offer different features, with the end result being a tough, durable and easy to clean lens. The secret? Ion-assisted coating technology.

The four main lens elements present in the DuraVision Platinum are a base lens, hard coating, anti-static and finally a clean coat. The rest of the lens is made up of broadband AR coating, ion-compressed for improved strength. The 'incredibly' hard lenses thus offer not only the feature of being hard, but also easy to clean. The clean coat is 'super slick' and its anti-static properties also allow for improved dirt-resistance.

What is the secret of ion-assisted coating?

"Special ions transfer their kinetic energy to the spectacle lens. In the Carl Zeiss coating systems, the lenses are "bombarded" with these ions over and over throughout the coating process. This ensures optimum compaction and adherence of the individual layers to each other. This closely bonds the otherwise "loose" layers to each other. This way, the individual layers can be joined together in a perfect fit, like a three-dimensional puzzle."

This new lens thus gives, what Zeiss call, a three pronged benefit to the wearer of the glasses, strength, resistance to dirt and easy cleaning. Stats wise, the new lenses are said to be 3x harder than previous generations.