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Hanson Instruments | Expert help you can trust from Hanson Instruments

Running a busy high street optometry practice can be challenging, so the last thing you need is problems with equipment that isn’t up to date, is temperamental or needs an urgent - and expensive – replacement. On top of dealing with valued customers, employees, IT and finance issues the last thing you want to happen is an equipment failure or intermittent fault. At Hanson Instruments, our experienced team understand how this feels and their customers have an unrivalled array of options to fix the problem. These can include an upgrade to your existing machines e.g. changing the software to run on a newer version of Windows, or allowing it to talk with a new printer, buying a reconditioned model (we know you’ll be hard pressed to spot the difference between these and new ones) or a new item.

If you opt for an upgrade or a reconditioned unit, our engineers offer support and warranties to keep your new equipment running smoothly. If you opt for a new instrument, we’re happy to advice you about the differences between the brands and which ones represent the best buy for your practice. Many of our customers opt for a mixture of new and reconditioned/upgraded, which gives them maximum flexibility to develop their business.

On upgrades, we’ll offer impartial advice about the availability of spare components, so you can make an informed choice about keeping your pre-loved equipment or investing in a new model. Lisa Evans, director at Hanson explains “Just as an experienced car mechanic will know how to repair an older car without the need to plug in a computer diagnostic programme, Hanson engineers understand what’s ‘under the bonnet’ of your equipment. Because we understand how all the component parts work together, we can provide detailed options and will always do a full fact-finding review before making recommendations. Even with a phone consultation, we’ll usually ask for photographs, so we really understand where the root of the problem lies. If it’s going to be difficult to get replacement components in the future, we’ll let you know so you can plan ahead for replacements and improve the management of your cashflow.

Finally, as a family business ourselves, we’ll do our best to support your small business. In the past we’ve acknowledged an enquiry even if this comes in overnight or over a weekend, so we can respond in the fastest possible time.

This upfront, efficient and honest approach means Hanson customers return to them again and again, developing long-term, trusted supplier-customer relationships. For a confidential discussion about about any equipment needs, please contact Lisa at Hanson Instruments or call us on 01527 501077