Eye Exercise

We are always being made aware of continuing eye health and ultimately we leave it to doctors, opthalmists and opticians to care for our eyes. But how about taking some responsibility to assist in the overall care of our own eyes?

Like other muscles our eyes also need a work out to maintain health. It is not a forgone conclusion that as we age our vision will deteriorate. You could help keep that at bay with a few at home exercises and assist in full body work out!

All of these are just tips to assist in keeping vision comfortable and safe.

People that work with computers are at risk of double vision and eye strain for the exceedingly long hours they need to be looking at a VDU. Blink! Blinking cleanses the eye and helps avoid the dry eye. Look away from the screen at intervals to allow your eyes to re-focus on distant objects.and you are not putting too much pressure on your eyes.

To help with eye muscle flexibility trace a figure of eight at a distance of about ten feet in front of you.Reverse the trace after a minute or two. Try alternating looking at a close object ( close to your face) and then an object fifteen or so feet away. Especially useful for VDU users.

You could move an object in and out of your field of vision, having to refocus on the object as it it gets closer and further away.

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