Eye Tracking

A new piece of geeky cool kit is set to be released to the unsuspecting public next March. It is based on the ever growing popularity of eye-tracking systems and holds much promise for the advancement of communication for the physically disabled and those with reading impairment.

A highly successful Swedish firm which counted as much as twenty one million dollars in funding last year has been collaborating with Intel, a market leader in new user interface technology, to put together a new developers kit that will assist web developers and the like to build applications that will work with eye -tracking.  The EyeX developer kit will be produced and sold by Tobii for just under two hundred dollars following an earlier model that still included an array of sensors that tracked a users eye movements. It is primarily a design to help existing manufacturers integrate this type of tool into their pre-existing devices.

Other ideas for it's commercial use, include being placed in vehicles as tiredness indicators, specialist work environments like hospitals and clinics,and interfacing with computers. when mixed with , for example, vocal commands, the possibility for this type of technology is limitless and very exciting.