Fungal Fears

A report now, not for the faint hearted but for those poor in sight!

A British woman has made claims that her left eye has been left permanently damaged by wearing disposable contact lenses.

The 42 year old wore a pair of disposable contacts that she bought online for just twenty four hours. She claimed they were not comfortable to wear at all and by the time she went to take them out, the one in her left eye had stuck to her eye.

A doctor prescribed eye drops but the irritation was made worse when a pocket of pus formed over the stuck lens and then burst open, tearing her eyeball in the process.  A Hospital in Cambridge treated her for an infection called Fusarium fungus which malevolently damaged seventy nerves and destroyed three layers of her eye. The patient had to endure twenty two surgeries but surgeons were unfortunately unable to save the eye, and it was removed. A court battle now ensues as she takes step to sue the contact lens company and the two treating  hospitals.