Google Offers Plugin To Help Colour Blind Users See Web Easier

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In order to help offer a better web experience for those who suffer with color/colour blindness (depending on your side of the Atlantic), Google and more specifically their Accessibility division have launched a plugin for their Chrome browser called Color Enhancer. This extension will help users filter and affect the colours displayed on their device in order to improve their own personal browsing experience.

The division, Google Accessibility, is a sub section of the internet giant whose role in the company is to ensure that everyone can use, access and enjoy the internet. Its browser, Google Chrome, offers a range of enhancements and plugins to improve web experiences for the visually impaired including screen reader support and low vision support features such as font adjustment, contrast increase and its new colour enhancer.

In the companies own words, Google Color Enhancer is, 'a customizable color filter applied to web pages to improve color perceptions.' This is perfect for web users who are partially colour blind.

So how does Google Color Enhancer work?

First things first, you need to A, install Google Chrome (just search 'Google Chrome download' if you haven't got it already) and then B visit the address chrome://extensions via that browser once installed (so instead of typing say, in the address bar, pop in chrome://extensions). Once in, simply find Color Enhancer and enable it.

Now you've got it installed, you will have a little icon, made up of three RGB circular colours in your menu bar. Clicking it will offer the stup drop down where it will walk your through the steps to set up your web browser accord to your own personal visual abilities. Using a simple click and slide set of functions, the plugin will then display all web pages viewed through the browser with colour settings that will give you personally, a much clearer and unique display. Make sure you confirm the changes by pressing enable.

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