Google Range

 After the much anticipated hype of the Google Glasses , the end of last month saw Google reveal a brand new range of ophthalmic frames which have been called the Titanium range.Collaborating with the eye care insurers VSP Global, together they are proving how exciting glass is becoming in the redevelopment of eye related industry and optical related technology. VSP Global are already responsible for the care of sixty million patients under VSP Vision Care. Together they endeavor to provide a financially affordable range with the best prescriptive lenses for the optimal technological experience.
 The new range is at the middle market for patients and consumers costing £138  for the frames which are available in three shades and four differing styles.

There is still some controversy since the launch of the Google Glasses product as to where and when it is acceptable to wear the glasses, but recent cases that were documented after appearing in a court case in California last month were eventually dropped.