Hypergel Contact Lenses Introduced To Improve Eye Comfort

Hypergel Contact Lenses Introduced To Improve Eye Comfort

The optical giant Bausch + Lomb have launched what they call, 'a premium daily disposable contact lens' which provides 'consistent, clear, comfortable vision throughout the day.'  The new Biotrue ONEday lens is made from HyperGel technology and the manufacturers believe that it will appeal to the market of contact lens wearers due to its comfort and reduced drop out rate.

Bausch + Lomb, dated back as far as 1853, are an optical based company, founded in New York. Since the mid 19th century, they have manufactured eyeglass frames and a wide range of other optical products including microscopes and binoculars. Notable advances made by the optics brand include World War I military sunglasses, camera lenses for the first satellite images of the moon and the first soft contact lenses produced in 1971.

So what makes Biotrue ONEday better than current silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

  • High water content and delivers more oxygen than standard hydrogel lenses
  • No silicone, maintains comfort expected
  • Over 16 hours comfortable wearing time
  • Retains moisture and optical shape for longer
  • Contain 78% water, the same as the human cornea
  • Virtually the same oxygen level delivery as the open eye

Some of the main problems patients complain of while wearing contact lenses according to B+L, is blurred vision after prolonged use, which is primarily caused by the lens drying out as the day progresses. Bausch + Lomb believe that the new HyperGel technology combats this problem, by in effect, mimicking the eyes human tears to maintain moisture levels.

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