Importance of Donation

Much of modern research relies on willing patients with pre-existing eye conditions taking part in studies and research experiments for the greater good of future medical breakthroughs.

But many patients are unaware that even if afflicted with eye disease, leaving their eyes to medical research after passing would h=be hugely beneficial.

When a recent study was carried out regarding this quite sensitive matter, it was found that there were more people interviewed who were open to the idea of leaving their eyes as a research donation than the number of patients who were marked down on the actual donation register.

It has been speculated that a lack of awareness that this can be the case may be in part something to do with the conflict in figures, with many people unaware of how to start the process of nominating themselves for such a procedure.

The demand for tissue is always high but human eye donation numbers have taken a set back despite 90 percent of two hundred  current eye disease patients saying they would be willing to join the donation program.

In some American states, organ donation and eye donation are separate and that it may be that a concern over patient and practitioner relations may be the cause. More pamphlets are deemed necessary in appropriate settings to enlighten patients that this is optional but that it is also an important option for the future research and treatment of such conditions.

Eye donation has restored sight to thousands of patients and a more streamlined donation and registration process, would assist researchers in the future to work more efficiently.