Improvement for Eye Patients in Germany

 A takeover within an internationally renowned  company  that is a specialist for eye surgery has taken place at the start of this year. Memira's German operation which specialises in refractive and intraocular surgery has now been acquired by the firm Optegra who now hold an impressive twenty three named hospitals throughout Europe, including hospitals in Poland, the Czech Republic and here in the United Kingdom.Only at the end of last year the firm acquired the Company Lexum which  already had a strong portfolio of treatment centres across Central Europe. Optegra announced they were very much looking into new investment opportunity with a particular focal point on developing marketing for presbyopia and Calrivu correctional vision for patients over fifty years of age.The Managing Director has announced that further opportunities to acquire more opthalmology practices with proven success, that were both well established and operated in high - end care is very mucb on the agenda as part of their German expansion program. They bring outstanding management expertise, backed up with a proven track record in medical competencies plus shrewd marketing exeprience which they hope will promote a fantastic model of good partenership between the company itself and physicians within the industry.