India Mark the Week


May 11 to 18 in India is being marked as Retinoblastoma Awareness Week and many regional hospitals are stepping up to the challenge to push the message of awareness of the childhood disease across the country.

The Apollo Cancer Hospital are seeing up to ninety per cent of cases in children under the age of five years of age. They also report that five per cent of those registered cases are cases that appear to be genetically hereditary meaning that the remainder amount are sporadic.

Unfortunately many of the early symptoms are missed by family members which means that the condition is often diagnosed at the latter stages. The awareness week is designed to help parents and carers identify the early symptoms. The most common of these include swollen eyes, white reflex in the eyeball, squint eye and  a reduction in vision.Obviously in very young children who may not yet be verbal, these signs could easily be mistaken or missed entirely. The message is that if you should have any concerns regarding your children's sight then they should be referred to an ocular oncologist for a full examination.