Keep it Cased

How many times a day do you pull out your smart phone and check your missed messages or mails and calls?Well if you are twenty five or under, surveys suggest that the minimum amount of time you repeat this action is thirty two times a day.Now opticians are voicing concerns that repeated and overuse of our gadgets are leaving us susceptible to blue violet light damage tot he back of our eyes.
 How is this feasible?Well, how close do you hold your phone ot tablet when looking at it? Chances are it;s closer tahn it needs to be.Add to that a lack of blinking, and you have a recipe for eye strain. Repeated toxicity from blue violet light may add to the risk of macular degeneration and other eye problems.
 With the majority of us relying on working on computers at work, up to seven hours a day can be spent with long exposure to artificial light and blue violet light. Good blue light assists in keeping our biological clocks regular and in working order, but lab tests are proving that extended periods of this light can disrupt our sleep and give us head aches as well as altering our mood.

So tomorrow, try and keep that device in its case for just a while longer thsn you would normally allow and you'll be making an optician very happy.