Kwale Request

A request for assistance has been made by a Paediatric ophthalmologist working in an eye clinic in Africa for unwanted ophthalmoscopes to support the work of a neonatal red reflex screening service.

The service is being provided by Fiona Dean who is a voluntary worker at the Kwale District Eye Centre in Kenya. 

The screening is part of the  Eyes for East Africa (UK) charity push , which was  first registered as a charity  on 23rd  February 1996 with an objective  to promote the relief, care and treatment of blind and partially-sighted people being received at the Kwale Centre.

The centre itself  is located in a very poor rural district on the coast in Kenya  It was founded in 1993 by UK trained ophthalmologist Dr Helen Roberts. The main aim of the Eye Centre is to provide affordable, accessible eye care to combat the totally unnecessary rate of blindness that occurs in the area. 
Patients are never turned away for treatment even if complex surgical routines are required. The centre very much relies on donations to keep the services operational.
The neonatal red reflex screening service has been undertaken by Ms Dean over the last three years after concerns were raised about how late patients, in particular  young  babies with congenital cataracts, were presenting.
She is supported by midwives but is in desperate need of additional hardware to keep the numbers of patients able to be screened quickly in good stead.
To run most effectively, more ophthalmoscopes are needed. If you are wanting to be involved you can email