Lasers out for AMD

Australian researchers are undertaking a controlled and randomised trial in a new laser treatment for AMD which hopes to slow or partially reverse the onset of Age Related Macular Degeneration prior to loss of vision.
A laser called the retinal regeneration  or 2RT will be used to deliver just a nanosecond dose of laser energy direct to the patients eye, with hardware designed by Ellex in Southern Australia.

AMD sufferers live with the effect of drusen, yellow deposits within the tissue of the retina. The laser treatment is designed to eradicate these deposits  which will thereby reverse the degeneration in sight and the processes connected to them caused by the AMD.
A pilot of 24 cases, has already shown over the past twelve month trial period, that  two thirds of the high risk subjects with early onset of AMD showed improvements  in the visual function of the treated eye ( and for some in the untreated eye as well), with no damage recorded to photoreceptor cells.