Learning Before we Promote

There has been an increase in surgeries within the field of the optical profession following a push from Optical Express that was designed to promote the pro's of undergoing laser eye surgery. During the initiative that has run for four months eight hundred and forty seven procedures were completed  and on top of that just over one thousand practitioners and students in the field came forward for consults on the surgery.Following the push last summer, a survey was carried out to determine whether it had had any bearing on how patients were being dealt with. Ninety four percent of those that participated in the surgery had said it had changed how the process for laser surgery was discissed with possible candidates. Eighty two per cent of that figure have already recommended laser eye surgery.

It had appeared that there was somewhat of a  gap in the awareness of those entering the eye care sector, with little or no time spent on educating future professionals on an understanding of the benefits of laser eye surgery. The resulting feedback from the experiment is showing that people do want to be better informed about the benefits.