Lucentis Competition?

A leading product produced by Ohr Pharmaceutical has been used in tests against a placebo for mid-stage trials in patients with age related macular degeneration, still the leading cause of blindness in our pensioners and elderly worldwide.The licensed drug currently used for treatment  of AMD is Lucentis. Ohr's product, Squalamine was used in the trials against the placebo designed to reduce the number of injections required of Lucentis.In the study, one group of  patients were given injections of the Squalamine which in interim analysis of the results collected showed that an average of 6.2 injections were required compared to 6.4 of the placebo drug but better still was that the trial patients showed improved visual clarity on the Squalamine over the placebo, which for researchers was noted to be of more value to a patient of wet age related macular degeneration than merely a reduction in the number of injections they may have to receive.

While the study showed that the drug held no significant benefit over the placebo for the number of injections given the improved sight resulting from the injected drug was beneficial and of more interest and importance.