Myopia Concern

Worrying results from a British Medical School have reported that the number of cases of reported Myopia are on the increase.
In just forty years there has been an increase in patients suffering the condition by almost forty seven million. Included in the figures is the severity of the developing condition showing a move from just mild to severe myopia. Severe or "high" myopia usually stabilizes when patients are between the ages of twenty and thirty, and any correction can be easily achieved with glasses, refractive surgery or lenses.

The figures of African - Americans with myopia are still higher than in reported Caucasians ( by almost triple)  but there is no indicator as to why.
The condition Myopia is a refractive disorder and not an eye disease where light entering the eye is not bent the correct way to be able to focus clearly. Close objects will be in focus but far-distance sight is blurry and poor.
It is often inherited and commonly picked up in children at around 8 years of age, when it becomes obvious that there is a problem with focusing on the white board or the Television.

There are further issues of patients with Myopia being at a higher risk of developing a detached retina. This can be repaired only if detected early enough. Regular Opthalmologist visits are always recommended to assess the eye health in all events. High Myopia patients should be screened in addition, for cataract growth and glaucoma.