A very small pilot study has taken place in Singapore that consisted of just six patients that were volunteers for new nanotech treatment.The study took place at the Nanyang Technological University and with scientists from the Singapore Eye Research Institute together they have been developing a nanotech solution to help combat glaucoma with long term sustained singular treatment.

The team have developed liposomal latanoprost which is delivered directly via a singular injection to the eye.

The study was set up to develop sustained release formulations of ocular drugs from liposomes and deliver them directly into different parts of the eye.
With Glaucoma one of the most forefront eye diseases globally, especially in the elderly the research of intraocular pressure remains a clinical and key modifiable risk factor. With reported chronic side effects from prolonged use of once a day eye drops currently prescribed to tackle the disease and the issue of some patients not being able to manage their own drug usage correctly there is an identifiable need for sustained delivery in a drug that successfully managed the pressure in the eye.
The researchers have developed a sustained latanoprost-loaded liposomal formula that has proven to sustain a reduction in introcular pressure  to past three months in differing animal models. Other prostaglandin derivatives, antibodies and antimicrobials loaded in liposomes are in the pre-clinical stages of development for sustained release and could provide an alternative therapy for eye diseases in the future.