Naughty Forties

We often say that people of a certain age do so and so..
well, the medical facts are that people aged forty and plus are likely to be at danger of vision loss and that this is the time to be pro-active in preventative measures to retain the vision we have enjoyed the past four decades or so.
Serious conditions like macular degeneration and glaucoma are common culprits and unfortunately can creep up on us as symptoms are usually not detected until some serious damge has already been done.  Over the counter chemists now sell reading glasses that many get fooled into thinking that because they correct their clarity in vision, they are safe from sight loss in the long term. How wrong you would be. A comprehensive opticians eye test not only looks at your clarity of sight but will be checking your eyes for  glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and retinopathy (particularly important if you have diabetes already).

Cataracts are ridiculously common with almost half of the population becoming prone to the condition. Ageing is a major factor but also is exposure to ultraviolet B radiation in every day sunlight.  Modern surgery for cataracts invloves supersmall incisions  which are self-sealing; new artificial lenses can be folded or rolled and  just slipped into place. But don those shaded and wear hats!

Glaucoma patients will suffer from increased pressure inside the eyeball,which aggravates the optic nerve. Medications can help lower the pressure and therefore assist in slowing down the damage.

Diabetic retinopathy  already affects some 40 percent of people with diabetes.  Managing your blood sugar levels reduces your risks of harm.